Canadian Problem - you know you're right but the US keyboard tells you you're wrong!

Meanwhile in Canada

Funny and silly signs: A funny road sign saying: Extreme fire hazard. Don't even fart in the forest!

karlsburg: “ canadian-problems: “ milk bags take two submitted by swoonforme ” Preach. We have milk bags in England now.

canadian problem- THE beep test I didn't know this was a canadian thing, wow when dying in gym, I can now look back on my canadian-ness <<< wait seriously, it's only in Canada, y'all are lucky

No kidding eh?

Bob & Doug MacKenzie - Take off, you hoser. Bob is played by Rick Moranis and Doug is played by Dave Thomas.

I Am Canadian

I Am Canadian Rant - performed by Canadian actor Jeff Douglas and directed by American, Kevin Donovan, but written by a Canadian, Glen Hunt. The commercial won an advertising industry Gold Quill award in

How to catch a Canadian

Not all of us want free beer. Ok, yes Molson Canadian will get Canadians, but still. Any non-Canadian beer won't work on us.

Canada Shared by Canadians - Keep Exploring

The Canadian Tourism Commission invited Canadians to capture their country on film and submit the footage for a cool crowd-sourced promotional video.

You know you are Canadian when a Zamboni drives up to your local Tim Horton’s drive through, and all you can think of is, "Hey, it’s not.

Friday the 13th

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