This is a super cool idea!  Put some objects in the bag, and let kids pull one out to tell the next part of the story!

Story Bag- Place objects inside and have children draw one piece at a time and tell a story. Great practice for creative writing and possibly funny stories.

The Teaching Thief: Getting Started with Metacognition

The Teaching Thief - Metacognition Stems - Teach student to use these sentence starters when responding in online discussions.

French Adjective Feelings List for Bulletin Board

French Adjective Feelings List for Bulletin Board

A list for more interesting ways to answer 'Comment a va?' than just bien ou mal ou comme ci comme a.

Printable French Classroom Poster - Useful Classroom Phras

Looking for a reference poster to help students stay in the target language? Here's a digital print and use poster file for a both the and poster of various phrases and questions that are helpful for students in the classroom. Put this poster

Expressing opinions in French : j'ai l’impression que..., je crois que..., je trouve que..., je suis d'accord, en ce qui me concerne, personnellement, d'après moi, à mon avis, je ne crois pas que..., je ne suis pas d'accord, il me semble que....

French Opinions - encourage kids to express them with a visual anchor chart…

Want to sound more natural in a conversation? This vocabulary list comes in handy. Know how to agree or disagree in French.

50 French Expressions for Disagreement and Agreement

How to express Disagreement and Agreement in a conversation? 50 expressions in French

Des images pour la communication orale

Des images pour la communication orale - students are allowed to ask for 5 vocabulary questions, then they must take turns with a partner describing a picture