This module examines how outdoor play is related to all aspects of children’s development, with a particular emphasis on self-regulation and executive functioning skills.

Self-Reg Poster Bundles - Self-Reg with Dr. Stuart Shanker

"The well-being of children are inseparable from the critical adults in their lives." - The Bio Domain: Body-Brain Connections, Stress and Self-Regulation

These series bring you Dr. Shanker’s “words of wisdom” and practical Self-Reg strategies in visual format.

Graphics - Self-Reg with Dr.

The biggest lesson that I've taken from Self-Reg is that when a child insists that a teacher's voice is harsh, or a restaurant or classroom is unbearably bright or loud, we need to recognize (even though we might not experience things that way at all) that the child is very probably not lying, exaggerating or

Why It's 'Self-Reg,' Not Self-Control, That Matters Most For Kids July 2016 If hyper-arousal is a normal state for many children, how can we help our kids learn to be genuinely calm? Anthropologist Barbara J. King explores a new book on self-regulation.