Free and Funny Confession Ecard: Oh honey, you must have been confused. You're supposed to live out Bible verses, not just get them tattooed and hope that does the trick.

Diy Bracelet

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DIY: upcycled shabby chic chalkboard

DIY: upcycled shabby chic chalkboard As if old cabinet doors were found everywhere. I think a ugly picture would work

The Wrap Wallet

The Wrap Wallet. Could probably make this out of leather or fabric - 2 large pockets hold your many benjamins and 4 small pockets hold up to about 16 credit cards. The extra smaller pocket fits an iPhone 4 without a case.

omg. OMG! its my dream car!! its even a thunderbird!!! gahhhhhh! it's perfect!

Inspiring image car, green, photography, thunderbird, vintage - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Turquoise 500 Desk Phone

Turquoise 500 Desk Phone by American Telephone Store -i love these old phones.maybe place in the craft room one day.

the meaning of life is to give life a meaning

This is existentialism because the boy is holding a sign answering the meaning of life with a simple command. No one knows the meaning of life so to live we have to make our own meaning.

Bird Necklace

This verdigris swallow bird necklace reminds me of Pat Boone. who else will admit to remembering that song?