Parler de ce qu’on aime manger

French speaking and writing activity: parler de ce qu'on aime manger

How to use Ratatouille for French cooking unit

How to use Ratatouille for French cooking unit. And besides I just love the way the word rolls off your tongue!

Talk about food and drink in French! Order, describe: Listening/speaking practice with subtitles.

Unit 4 Going to a café, eating at home, chores - All in French!

In #1015, you saw how to order at Tim Hortons in French when in Québec. Then you saw some random bits of McDonalds vocab in the posts following that one; let’s build on that now to create a m…

How to order at McDonalds in French when in Québec (

french vocabulary

French Vocabulary List: Food, Cooking, and Meals

french vocabulary

Pour commander au McDo.

FR 6 McDonald's-Venez comme vous êtes Acoustic (Ordering in French)

au restaurant pixton

au restaurant pixton


awesome canadian things // Timbits from Tim Hortons -- try the sour cream glazed…