Sugar Parfait

Sugar Parfait

Sugar Parfait
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Ara Asura Eun

ahoge albino animal ears ara han ara han (celestial fox) asura (elsword) bell bow crossed legs detached sleeves elsword fingerless gloves fox ears fox tail gloves hair bow jingle bell long hair multiple tails official art open toe shoes polearm red e

ADOPTED Krista is a lot tougher than she looks. She's merciless and cold towards others.

black dress character name dress elsword eve (elsword) expressionless forehead jewel grey background long hair pika skirt solo title drop watermark web address white hair yellow eyes

ADOPTED Rein is very shy. She grew up in abusive home and is rumored to be of royal decent. She doesn't know her real family.

<<<< I'm guessing rpg wise~ Code Battle Seraph I don't know how to control this character send help right away XD