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Explore the engineering and design of cruise ships throughout history and then design your own in Sketchup (CAD) and build it with your team.  Resources, instructions, materials list, planning sheets, grading rubrics and answer keys included.  Perfect for middle school STEM and Engineering classes.

This project lets students learn about the engineering and design of ocean liners and cruise ships as they research and design one with their team. After introducing the lesson with a short video (link included in resources), students work with their

Valentine's Day Freebie for little English learners! This cute memory match game includes 18 different farm related vocabulary words and pictures. Great for ESL and EFL!

This resource will help your students think deeply about their reading, work on identifying text structure, text features, and practice using context clues. Your students will love using these graphic organizers to write about and reflect on their reading

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This career unit gives students an introduction to the law, public safety, corrections and security career cluster and what a career in this field would be like. This is perfect for a career, technology, CTE or business class.