Lisa Laboucane

Lisa Laboucane

Lisa Laboucane
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perpetuallychristmas: “perpetuallychristmas: “perpetuallychristmas: “ Christmas Posts All Year! (New posts every 3 minutes!) ” Christmas Posts All Year! (New posts every 3 minutes!

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The Conscious Dietitian | What You Want To Know About Tea and A Fairtrade Berry Cucumber Iced Tea Recipe |

What you need to know about tea. Fairtrade or organic, green or white, hot or cold. This Refreshing Berry Iced Tea Recipe covers all health and environmental topics and more.

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Healing Breakfast Smoothie with blackberries, cocoa, banana, hempseed and fresh almond milk! The most amazing smoothie ever and a great start to the day!

The Conscious Dietitian | Masala Chai Recipe. From India, With Love. |

Homemade masala chia recipe, the taste of India. Fresh cinnamon, cardamom and other aromatics mixed with creamy milk and black tea. Healthy drinks just got so much more delicious!

The Conscious Dietitian | Simple Turmeric Ginger Latte |

This simple Turmeric Ginger Latte uses fresh turmeric and ginger root for maximum nutritional benefit. Blend with coconut oil and maple syrup to make frothy night time snack.