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needklainenow: “ Kiss Meme Sunday - Kiss On The Lips “ Oh, these lazy Sunday mornings… ” ”

Which One Tree Hill Character Are You? You got: Peyton Sawyer You wear your heart on your sleeve- but man is it a big heart. You are unfaltingly creative. You are always genuine and have a heart of gold. Sometimes your emotions can get you down, but you always come out on top. Always keep the faith. Everything will work out for you in the end.

One Tree Hill taught me a lot of things about love, family, friendship, life and even evil and now ends, is like a chapter in my life that i'm going to remember forever because I learned from it and for me isn't just a tv show is a life book.

51 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About "One Tree Hill"

This used to be one of my favorite shows because I have always valued friendship and there is no other show at showing it than one tree hill. I would be so excited to go home from school and watch it.

13 Perfect Comebacks From Helena On “Orphan Black”  11. When someone implies your singing isn’t good. Sing louderrrrrr

The manic Orphan Black clone really has a way with words. A useful resource for dealing with conflict in your everyday life!

This is my favorite scene in all of Orphan Black. Remember, "you should not threaten babies"

Orphan Black- Helena doing what she does best and we all love her for. Stick to the assassinations Helena and leave the singing to others hahah