DevPro videos: Professional Development... Flipped!

These are the videos of the DevPro project in which we record and illustrate the best pedagogical advice Quebec General Adult Education educators, and other contributors, have to offer. These videos are meant for teachers, pedagogical consultants and directors.
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Essential Knowledge in a Competency-Based Approach? Piece of Cake! by Avi Spector

Where does essential knowledge, the good old ABCs and fit in a comptency-based approach? Avi Spector has a tasty analogy to help us better understand t.

ICT Is Not the Goal - by Tracy Rosen

ICT Is Not the Goal - A video I wrote and narrated for DevPro PD Flipped, a professional development initiative via Quebec's English RECIT for Adult Education. A French translation is also available.

I Can't Do It Without You: a Love Story - the EMSB Andragogical Team

Imagine a love affair between Miss Essential Knowledge and Mr. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between two important actors o.

Feedback: Am I On the Right Track? by Janie Lamoureux

What is feedback? Feedback is basically our response, conscious or not, to someone else's actions. How can we use Feedback to help students progress?

Why Reform? - by Shanna Loach

The Reform, or Pedagogical Renewal, in Quebec's education system started more than a decade ago and is now about to be introduced in the diversified basic ed.

The 3Rs of a Learning Situation - by Janie Lamoureux

You've heard of the 3 R's in regards to paper and plastic. Now, Janie Lamoureux explains how these 3 R's - with a twist - apply to teaching and learning us.

MEH! From overbored to overboard - by Francois Rivest

From "overbored" to overboard - by Francois Rivest

DUH! A School Time Carol - by François Rivest

Are you ready to see what the Ghosts of School Past, Present and Future have to say about it?

The Anatomy of a Learning Situation - by Janie Lamoureux

What makes a good learning situation? What elements should we make sure to work on when writing a learning situation for adult education? In this video, Jani.

Just the Basics (Hold the Pickles) - by Avi Spector

It's normal to get excited about new technology in education, but are we sometimes losing sight of the basics? Avi Spector explains his take on this issue in.

Is Technology and Multitasking Rewiring Our Brain? - by Nathalie Frigon

Is multitasking even possible? Enjoy this conversation starter on the subject by Nathalie Fr.

Sticky Learning by Paul Laplante

Sticky learning is learning that lasts. How can we make sure that the learning that happens in school (or should happen) finds that wonderful sticky quality?

From Teaching to Self-Teach by Judith Cantin.

Are there ways to get become a better autodidact? Do the learners who are good at self-teaching have some set of key strategies or questions?

The Learning Situation Pretenders - YouTube

The Learning Situation Pretenders - by Claudine Castonguay