Sac à livraison pour pizza

Pizza Delivery Bag: Delivery bag Designed specifically for professional delivery of hot and cold foods.

Échelle Max System noir pour bacs de préparation

Max System black Pan Rack: Shelf black designed specifically for Gastronorm

Seau à glace

Ice tote: Ice Tote features an angled top surface and pouring spout to reduce spills.

Housse protectrice pour échelle à plateaux de service

Protection cover for scale serving trays: Protective vinyl rack cover ProServe for food transport

Support à pelle

Scoop Holder: Scoop holder to fix on a wall

Couvercle pour seau à glace

Rubbermaid’s Safe Ice Handling System addresses the transfer of ice between ice machine and holders throughout the kitchen. It promotes the safe handling of ice to reduce the risk of cross contamination

Échelle Max System crème pour bacs de préparation

Max System off white Pan Rack: Shelf cream designed specifically for Gastronorm

Plaque eutectique pour les sacs de transport

Eutectic plate for carrying bag: Helps keeping the food cool

Échelle pour  plateaux de service

Scale for serving trays: This ProServe Pan Rack System is easy to use

Socle à roulettes avec sangle

Caster Base with strap: Heavy-duty Dolly for food bag transport

Chariot triple pour conteneurs Isothermes

Container truck triple Isotherms: Triple Trolley for GN containers food.

Contenants empilables et emboîtables palletote

Stack & Nest palletote boxes: Stackable Palletote box for food transport

Chariot à glace

Rubbermaid ProServe Ice Tote Cart for and Ice Totes

Chariot Max System pour bacs de préparation

Max System Cart for preparation trays: Shelf designed specifically for Gastronorm trays

Conteneur Isotherme pour le transport des aliments

Rubbermaid ProServe Insulated Food Pan Carrier End Load Full Size Gray Nylon x 18 x

Pelle à glace avec deux manches

Rubbermaid Blue Scovel Two-Handled Shovel, 120 Ounce Category: Scoops