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Snap Cubes With Activities to Reinforce Counting, Patterns, Addition and Subtraction

Snap Cubes to Reinforce Counting, Patterns, Addition and Subtraction

Snap Cubes Activities to help build number recognition, patterning with printable

Little Maths Box, perfect for homework, class work or on-the-go busy box activity!

Little Maths Box

Little Maths Box, perfect for homework, class work or on-the-go busy box activity!

Decomposing Numbers FREEBIE

Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives

Anyone teaching decomposing numbers this week? We've decomposed our little hearts out over the last few days and it was time for a little "...

"Addition Machine": a drain from the hardware store. Differentiation Station Creations: I Love The Hardware Store!

I Love The Hardware Store!

Years ago, I needed to find a simple contraption that would turn into an addition machine. I was a special education resource teacher and all my teaching supplies had to fit on a cart or a rolling suitcase. I hit the hardware store. Apparently, I chose a P trap with a cleanout spout. I had used these same p traps before, but I used them for whisper phones. You can find the perfect size for kids and adults. The beauty of these p traps is that you do not have to do any prep for them to work…

Shake and Add math Center! Students shake the bag and write the addition sentence made by the bears ending up on either side of the plus sign!

Shake And Add Math Center

Alrighty, onto today’s VERY exciting post about a super fun, super easy, and super CHEAP math center. I started using this center last year and my kids went crazy for it! It’s so much…

Anchor chart for ways to make ten. $

Making Ten Anchor Chart Create Your Own

Do you love all those cute anchor charts you see? Here is an easy way to have those cute charts! This chart is for the Making Ten strategy for addition. Simply print the pieces and glue down on chart paper. You can use the sample photograph to create your chart, or create your own arrangement. ...

Making 10 Activities from Primary Theme Park blog

Making 10 Activities

Since the beginning of the school year, I've been working on slowly introducing the memorization of math facts to my son. This week we've been focusing on learning the numbers that add up to ten. I thought I'd share with you the making 10 activities we've done this week, including a free game I created! We

Poppin' for Numbers

Poppin' for Numbers

I have been a busy bee in the holidays making some new things and having Kinder for the first time ever is stretching my brain. What do I need? What should I make? Luckily I have my own little girl going into Kinder this year to 'test' my new stuff on. Check this one out... It is chock full of game ideas and number cards and it is fun! Just ask Madison lol We played one of the easy games - Numeral Identification, but with a little twist. This is what I started with - how cute is the popcorn…

Making subitizing cards!  Helping kids with addition fact fluency!

Making Subitizing Cards and Double Flap Cards with First Graders

Tweet Here is a peak inside one of my favorite boxes It is simply a pencil box, blank index cards,dot stickers and binder rings. I use these to create subitizing cards and other projects with K-2 kids. Today I want to show you 2 of the things I have been working on with these materials with a group of first graders. Subitizing Cards Subitizing is the ability to recognize a quantity without counting. It is further broken into perceptual subitizing and conceptual subitizing. Need more…

Introduction to decomposing numbers to ten - YouTube

Introduction to decomposing numbers to ten

Visit my kinder blog! I have tons of freebies posted! Go to themed decompo...