David Langevin  The Wind is Wearing me out! - Quilt idea

David Langevin - The Wind is Wearing me out! // David Langevin lives and paints in British Columbia

Emily Carr ...Canadian Painter and author; This is how I want to live out my life. Enjoying my passions until the very last second.

Emily Carr The eccentric Canadian artist sits on a stool on the beach near Victoria, working on one of her beloved totem pole paintings.

Marc-Aurèle Fortin, Saint-Siméon (détail), 1938 (Quebec)

much to learn from Marc-Aurèle Fortin, Saint-Siméon (détail), 1938 watercolor

Birches by Lawren Harris

☼ Painterly Landscape Escape ☼ landscape painting by Lawren Harris - Birches.(Group of Seven)

Lawren Harris

The Group of Seven: Lawren Harris

Lawren Harris - Isolation Peak (Rocky Mountains) -- 1930 (via [aka Tycho {aka Scott Hansen}])

Marc Aurele Fortin

Marc- Aurele Fortin is known and admired as the great champion of the Quebec landscape painters.