Tandis que le nombre de terminaux mobiles continue de croître dans les foyers, une nouvelle dépendance se dessine aujourd’hui : la Nomophobi...

66% des utilisateurs de smartphone victimes de NoMoPhobie

of smartphone users are suffering from NoMoPhobia (fear of losing their smartphone)

Faire parler les élèves - les nouvelles technologies

Rise of 'nomophobia': More people fear loss of mobile contact

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"Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Give us this day our daily wifi." (drawing by Pawel Kuczynski)

English    is    FUNtastic: What does «nomophobia» mean?

Nomophobia on the Rise: Statistics and Studies Reveal the True Story

Steve Cutts and Moby collaborate for a piece "about our increasing dependence on technology and about human interaction today, or a certain lack of it."

This Is An Eye Opening Account On How Phones Have Stunted Human Interaction

Attack of the Smart Phone Zombies! Daydream VR Coming Soon

Find out if you have the condition that means technology is taking over your life.

Tag the person as a comment who each night accidentally sleeps over his or her smartphone!

NOMOPHOBIA | Fashion Photography by Lucia Giacani

Killing Time III, picture from the series Lucia Giacani by Lucia Giacani

Are We Addicted To Our Phones?

Are We Addicted To Our Phones?

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