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Inspiration Station

Collection by Tanya Lapico-Vasto

My Hair Care Routine Monet Hair Products, Ag Hair Products, Pure Products, My Monat, Monat Hair, Global Hair, Hair Care Routine, Sales And Marketing, Shampoo And Conditioner

My Hair Care Routine - an inspiration station

I started a new hair care routine a few weeks ago called Monat or “Modern Nature”. First off this is not a sales pitch, I only want to share my experience with all of you. Monat Global is a revolutionary hair care line of naturally based products that are pure, safe, and sustainable. All products are created with vegan materials, ingredients, and materials that are approved as safe by the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) and the International Fragrance... Read More Read More

A Great Morning Routine = Success - an inspiration station Morning Ritual, How To Wake Up Early, Routine, Success, Eat, Inspiration, Food, Shop Interior Design, Biblical Inspiration

A Great Morning Routine = Success - an inspiration station

We all have our way that we start our day. Whether we are a morning person or not, we all get up and get going at some point. Some wake up and grab their phone, dive into social media, emails, or schedule, while others reach for that hot cup of coffee or tea to get motivated. Whatever your ritual is, these first actions often determine how productive your day will be. Starting off on the right foot is essential to... Read More Read More

an inspiration station - Be Your Best Opera House, About Me Blog, Passion, Motivation, Building, Travel, Life, Inspiration, Biblical Inspiration

an inspiration station - Be Your Best

This is my blog about inspiration, motivation, passion and life.

Be a H-E-R-O Arena Stage, Tour Manager, Feeling Left Out, All Jokes, Steve Carell, Dunder Mifflin, Beastie Boys, National Art, Michael Scott

Be a H-E-R-O - an inspiration station

I decided to binge-watch the NBC sitcom “Office” on Netflix. I forgot just how hilarious this show was. Comedian, Steve Carell’s portrayal of the boss “Michael Scott” of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company and the rest of the comedians/actors on the show did a great job. The reality talk-to-the camera was relatable to everyone. One episode in Season 1 about Diversity in the workplace made me think of what we are seeing today, not just in the workplace but in society.... Read More Read More

Spring Fashion Essentials Store Ads, Top Banana, Spring Is Here, Mint Color, Happy Colors, Fashion Essentials, Spring Fashion, Latest Trends, My Style

Spring Fashion Essentials - an inspiration station

Now that Spring is here, I’m sure I’m not the only one that looked in their closet and felt like now is a good time to update the wardrobe. In some cities stores and malls are beginning to open. For others that have to wait to browse the stores, online shopping is always available. To get the latest trends for Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion I look at online magazines, store ads, and Pinterest to get ideas. Some of the trends aren’t... Read More Read More

Daily Good Moments Appreciate What You Have, True Happiness, Serenity, In This Moment, Outdoor, Inspiration, Outdoors, Biblical Inspiration, Outdoor Games

Daily Good Moments - an inspiration station

By taking the time to recognize and appreciate what you have can help you stay optimistic. Watching and reading daily mainstream media makes it difficult to be positive and inspired. It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve and maintain our happiness. It is essential to take advantage of the moments we have to appreciate the small things that bring us true happiness. Here are a few good moments worth living and looking for each day: Smile Serenity... Read More Read More

Tips for Effective Time Management - an inspiration station Career Path, New Career, New Job, Long Take, Effective Time Management, Hours In A Day, Good Manners, Feeling Empty, Specific Goals

Tips for a Great First Impression and Successful Interview - an inspiration station

The sudden change from the coronavirus has impacted every one of us in some way. It has made us take a hard look at our lives and made us think about what we may want to change and what’s worth returning to. Having to look for a new job is time-consuming and challenging. However, now may be a good time to hit the re-set button and embrace change. If you do decide this is a good time for you to... Read More Read More

Tips for Effective Time Management - an inspiration station Career Path, New Career, New Job, Long Take, Effective Time Management, Hours In A Day, Good Manners, Feeling Empty, Specific Goals

Tips for Effective Time Management - an inspiration station

Before our lives were brought to a halt, our days were packed with the demands of work, family, and social life. We will eventually get back to a new normal and can expect new changes to our work environment. Whether you are just starting your career or a seasoned professional, these changes will impact us. Effectively managing all of these demands will be challenging for everyone. How you manage your time is key and having a plan can help. Our... Read More Read More