Poppies Hand Painted Glass Vase - Decorative Glass Art


Poppies Hand Painted Glass Vase - Decorative Glass Art

Rebecca Louise Law's 8,000 remembrance poppies form a stunning corridor

8,000 Remembrance Poppies Form a Stunning Corridor

could use for christmas with peace and different background

Personalized Confirmation Gift - Gifts of the Spirit - 8x10 art print

Confirmation art- dove in middle is white, cross (any colour) in the background, each sun ray is coloured (no white showing), in each ray put a word or picture how the holy spirit is present in them

A truly unique remembrance day art project for students and teachers.

This is a unique patriotic art project for kids. Try my patriotic agamograph and see how easy patriotic art projects for kids can be.

Create a Remembrance Day poppy flag to mark this important day - Jour du souvenir. Includes printables to encourage students to reflect on what this day means.

Remembrance Day Poppy Flag Craft & Printables - Jour du Souvenir