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two twenty dollar bills with the words, up to 1950 and one hundred dollars
Same goes for the Pledge of Allegiance.
Did you know that "In God We Trust" was added to America's paper currency in 1957 in response to the Soviet Union's anti-religious stance and the McCarthyist Communist Cold War Witch-hunt? Now some want to remove as the socialists try to take over our country!
several hands are stacked on top of each other with the words united we stand above them
fireworks and lights in the night sky with two hearts
a woman laughing next to a horse with the caption laughing is contagious seriously look for something you can laugh at today
i love me do you love you? that's important, you know
a quote on how old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?
an old man is looking at the camera and has his face covered in words on it
Arizona Heat
Arizona Heat
an image of a cartoon character with the caption lo grumpy
Happy Holidays everyone! More Christmas @ http://www.CelebrateLove.com/christmas.htm
Issue #158 "LoveNotes for Lovers" e-ZINE
LoveNotes for Lovers eZINE - The November issue is now online! It's monthly and FREE. It is sent to more than 8,700 people each month! Subscribe today and have it sent to your e-mail inbox in November! You can unsubscribe anytime! ~ http://www.CelebrateLove.com/ezine158.htm ~ To subscribe: http://www.CelebrateLove.com/ezine.htm November 2015 - Issue #158 - Publisher, Larry James - Author, Speaker, Relationship Coach & Award Winning, Non-denominational Wedding Officiant.
http://www.CelebrateLove.com/alzheimers.htm Coaching, Relationships, Caregiver, Supportive, Articles, Relationship, Honor
Alzheimer's LINKS in Honor of Mary N. Jarvis
an old man holding a heart shaped cookie in front of his face with the words happy halloween from harry james
Halloween Howls! ("Er, ah, humor, that is!")
Ghoulishly haunting the spidery Web, eh? It's Halloween 2015! Have a Happy and SAFE Halloween! http://www.CelebrateLove.com/halloweenhumor.htm
an old man is talking to another man in the dentist's chair with a stethoscope
S-M-I-L-E! Makes everyone wonder what you've been up to!