Josh Ramsay Marianas Trench <3

Marianas Trench: Joshua Ramsay by basseca on deviantART

Josh Ramsay

Josh Ramsay (Marianas Trench)~ for facing his addictions, putting them behind him and making music for the rest of his life

Josh Ramsay on cats

Only Josh Ramsay could come up with something so amazingly crazy and random!

Josh Ramsay

He sings like nobodies business and has gone through a lot, earning some serious respect.

Josh Ramsay <3

I was honestly surprised when I saw Josh Ramsay's face on here, I honestly though I was the only one who knew who Marianas Trench was.

Josh Ramsay

Josh Ramsey of Marianas trench playing CHUMFM's Fanfest as part of Canadian Music Week. Other shots from the same show include and Marianas Trench: Josh Ramsay II