Jane Latendresse

Jane Latendresse

I live in Renfrew, Ontario and I am an It Works Distributor 613-281-2550
Jane Latendresse
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Supermom Gift Set - CA

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…IT’S THE SUPERMOM GIFT SET! Keep the supermom in your life flying high with the SUPERMOM Gift Set, featuring two of our favorite Skin line superheroes, PLUS a special recognition cape!


Supports connective tissue formation and healthy joint function. Fights joint inflammation and stiffness.

New You™

Want to feel like a new you? Live your best when you support your body’s own healthy growth and development with New You. Supports your body’s natural growth and development Source of niacin and natural polyphenols Live like a new you!


Support your body’s resistance to all of the stress life throws at you with the naturally based ingredients of Confianza! Supports the body’s resistance to stress Made with naturally based ingredients

Hair Skin Nails

Hair Skin Nails enhances your own natural collagen and keratin production, supports healthy cell growth, and boosts your body’s free radical fighting defenses. It’s optimal nourishment to look your beautiful best from the inside out!

Lip & Eye

Softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth through a beautifying botanical blend Reclaim that youthful look with a lifting, tensor effect Reduces the appearance of bags and puffiness with tightened, firmed skin


PREVENTAGE Start the day with this moisturising cream gel. PREVENTAGE helps to lessen the look of fine lines and wrinkles caused by sun exposure and environmental pollutants with its soothing blend of beautifying botanicals and vitamins.

Stretch Mark

Stretch Mark Your skin doesn’t end below your neck, so why should your skin care routine? Hydrate your skin while minimising the appearance of stretch marks, fine lines, and other skin scarring with this multitasking body cream.