Latte Art - Sailor Mercury

I just finished watching episode two of Sailor Moon Crystal this morning and guess which Sailor Soldier is discovered? Sailor Mercury, of course! This newly discovered setting for grinding my coffe…

Latte Art - Sailor Mars

Initially, I was planning to draw Sailor Mercury, but her eyes came out a little too sharp. So, I transformed her into Sailor Mars instead.

#SelfieSunday: Elle as Latte Art

Elle has always been a fan of coffee. Her first coffee drink was a Vietnamese Iced Coffee, first enjoyed when she was 10 … ish.

Latte Art - Puchiko (Digi Charat)

Puchiko is one of the cutest characters from the anime, Digi Charat. She’s a princess from another world who escaped to Earth with her older sister, Dejiko. This latte art is one of my favori…

Latte Art - Sailor Mars

I’ve been away from the latte art creations for a while, as I work on the business operations behind Latte Art Love. I’m so excited for where we are taking Latte Art Love!

Latte Art - Naruto

Latte Art - Naruto

Latte Art - Jin Varrel (Blade & Soul)

I just finished watching Blade & Soul, a fighting girl anime that turned out to be pretty interesting. I’m quite a fan of Jin Varrel, not because she has a great personality, but because …

Latte Art - Save Tuxedo Mask

For a “dreamy” prince, Tuxedo Mask sure needs to be saved a little too many times for my taste :) So, here’s Sailor Mars to the rescue with her Flame Sniper.

Latte Art- Sailor Moon

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