Easter Bunny Cake | Coconut Cake | Easy Easter Centerpiece

LAST MINUTE IDES FOR EASTER ~ Easter Bunny Coconut Cake, Easy Easter Centerpiece.Step by step instructions ~ so cute! My mom used to make this cake at bakery we owned when I was younger.

A Carnival of Tiered Trays

Tiered trays are one of the most popular varieties of dollar store craft. This variation, assembled from serving trays and candlesticks, uses spray paint to add a pop of color.

Unique Ruffled Wreath

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How to make a pretty ruffled wreath for spring, accented with bright & colorful paper flowers

Easy Lamb Cake recipe

Easy Lamb Cake – for Easter! No need for a special cake pan for our Easy Lamb Cake! The adorable cake is as easy as it is delicious and soon to be the centerpiece of your Easter dessert table.

Spring Daffodils from K-Cups

Spring Daffodils from K-Cups

A quick and easy way to recycle KCups into this adorable spring daffodil craft.

See the "Step 2: Dye the Eggs" in our  gallery

See the "Step Dye the Eggs" in our gallery instructions for dyeing Easter eggs via the queen of craft

50 Best Easter Ideas To Try This Easter

12 Fun Easter Egg Trees to create with your family. Build a lifelong Easter tradition to share for generations by building an Easter Egg Tree.

Bunny Silhouette Wall Art | TodaysCreativeBlog.net

Bunny Silhouette Wall Art

Easter Bunny Silhouette - 80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself

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