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Laura Brown
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This is the ultimate goal for KPMG Enterprise: We are different. We are better.

We've discussed how to differentiate a product in highly commoditized markets, so I chose this article to serve as a reminder with some simplified bullet points.

Very true. This is why I decided to include the goal around customer testimonials.

"Success is a team sport. It requires dedication, inspiration, and passion; and one can never get that without cultivating the culture of trust, mutual respect, and empowerment. " All the more reason to go an extra mile to appreciate your customers.

Influencer Marketing is also a key pillar of KPMG Enterprise's social media strategy. This infographic has some great stats and tips on how to make the most of it. Social Influencers: Digital Marketings Most Overlooked and Misused Resource [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Influencers: Digital marketing's most overlooked and misused resource. Buyers are listing to what their key influencers are saying.Sellers need to wake up to the fact that money talks much louder than likes!