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a close up of a statue of a man wearing a crown on top of a building
«Mascarones de Proa»
there is a statue hanging from the side of a boat
Mascarón del buque Cuauhtemoc; buque escuela mexicano. México
a statue of an angel holding a cross on top of a wooden structure with wires attached to it
Figure de proue en bois sur le navire brisé
Wooden Figurehead on the broken ship
a golden statue on the side of a white and gold boat with netting around it
Golden lady on our ship's bow – she be protecting us and guiding us to cut through any raging seas. Pirates!
a close up of a statue of a man on top of a boat with ropes
a large group of sailboats sailing in the open water with other boats behind them
Corum Melges 24 worlds at Key Largo - Day 4
an old statue is shown against a black background
Maritime History & Art | PEM Maritime Art Collection
Female Figurehead, attributed to Simeon Skillin, Jr. (1756?-1806), America, ca. 1805, wood, paint
a metal wall hanging with a woman's face and wings on the side of it
Mermaid Figureheads | Lifesize Mermaid Figurehead sculpture on bow of ship
a bronze colored statue of a mermaid sitting on a wave with her arms crossed and eyes closed
Nautical Tropical Imports Picture Gallery
☆ Mermaid :¦: Shop: Nauticaltropical Imports ☆
a woman is working on a wooden statue
Ships Figurehead & Maritime Carver | Maritima Woodcarving
Ships Figurehead & Maritime Carver: MARITIMA WOOD CARVING
a statue of a woman sitting on top of a boat
The Very front of the Ship!.
a statue is shown next to some trees
Ships Figurehead
two pictures of the same bronze statue
Hauntingly beautiful ship's figurehead, French baroque style c.1700's, Africa. Musée de la Marine, Paris, France
an intricately carved wooden head on the side of a boat