"Creativity can heal us"~Kent Gustavson. "We are alive"~Edward Gustavson. We Are Alive: Kent Gustavson at TEDxSBU

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Blooming Twig is an an award-winning boutique publishing house, media company, and thought leadership marketing agency.

The best evidence of how batshit things got is that so many of the weirder stories just became footnotes in your history book.

Type Analysis: INFJ or INTJ? People get inaccurate results on the MBTI often, especially if they’ve only taken the free online tests. The best way to determine your true personality type is to learn how the cognitive functions.

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Set on a magical, disc-shaped world supported by four elephants who in turn ride atop a gigantic turtle, these masterworks of comic fantasy have collectively sold more than 80 million copies worldwide.

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