Put an elastic headband over your head, then pull small pieces of hair, twist and tuck each one under the headband. super cute!

Always have hair in my face. put a round headband over your head, then pull small pieces of hair, twist and tuck each one under the headband. it's quick, and keeps the hair out of your face!

Flaming Red Ombre

Flaming Red Ombre: The How To - Career

the sock bun

Sock bun trick for making amazing natural waves. Just spray hair down, roll up sock, tuck in hair and sleep on it. Unroll in the morning for perfect wavey hair. Only thing I need is a sock bun.

Love it :) Works in my hair YAY

The top knot! This is honestly the only way the top knot style works with my hair. Perfect for thin hair!

Long Double Ponytail: How To Guide!

The Extra Long Pony Tail: Tie up your hair with simple rubber ring! hair styles for long hair, hair salon, hair makeup

Strawberry Blonde hair. LOVE. I wish I could pull that off.

I LOVE this color! Blonde Highlights With Muddy Red Brown Hair Color hair blonde girl hair color pretty hair hairstyle hair ideas beautiful hair girl hair highlights hair cuts

def getting this !

What the heck is with this Ombre hair fashion. It just looks like she didn't want to dye her hair blonde anymore and it's in the process of growing out. I mean, shit, if that is Ombre hair, then I have it for certain.

ombre hair ideas

ombre hair ideas I am so looking for a new haircolor to add brown and keep my blonde ,wella !

hab ich dafür genug Haare?

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Tie hair up in high, tight ponytail. Start a two-strand braid from two small pieces of hair both on one side of the ponytail. Every three or four crossings of the braids, take a thin bunch from the other side of the ponytail and join it wi

love this !

[photo from weheartit, credit: whoever this is of] I love this braid! ❤ my favorite braids are waterfall braid(what's in the pic) & fishtail! What are your favorite braids?

Bun and braids

This style incorporates two trends — a sock bun and braids — into one perfect summer look. Secure hair into a ponytail and randomly braid small sections. Then, roll your hair into a sock bun and the braids will show through. do to my hair!