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Free Your Mind: Your Brain on LSD #Infographic #Health #MentalHealth

Your brain on LSD probably isn't the disaster Nancy Reagan wanted you to believe it would be. Can this drug which is currently illegal in the U., actually provides some mental health benefits? Learn more about the efficacy of LSD from this infographic.

Weed....It's 4:20 Somewhere ✌❤

Mari is like the polar opposite of Kali- kali represents the inevitability of change/"death", while Mari represents allowing/chilling. It's ebb and flow. I'd love to do a tattoo of half Mari/half Kali.

Cheech & Chong ?the legendary, award-winning comic duo?are back with a miscellany on living the stoner lifestyle. In this hilarious and instructive book, the pair take you through the dos and donts of

Cheech & Chong's Almost Legal Book For Stoners By Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong - Urban Outfitters