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gender fluid

In order to fund the book and a traveling exhibition of images from the camp, Morris started a Kickstarter campaign . This Beautiful Photo Series Shows How Kids Are Redefining Gender Norms

The Boy With Pink Hair

'The Boy With Pink Hair' by Perez Hilton. Yes, that Perez Hilton, the guy who makes a living snarking on celebrities, has a kids' book! The illustrations are funny and the story line about being different is sweet.

Gendered Kids Stuff: Blue "Trouble" Booties (click thru for more)

baby booties for sale at retail chain JR’s in North Carolina that reinforce the idea that boys are mischievous while girls are materialistic

Girls vs. Boys "Laptops": Seperate and Unequal (click thru for analysis)

16 Ways The Toy Industry Is Stuck In The Stone Age Offerings for girls: pink kitchen-cleaning accessories and mini sewing machines. For boys: powerful telescopes and toy weapons.