NORTHERN DECEPTION: Heroes of the Tundra

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two tall buildings next to each other on a street with flags flying in the wind
The Fairmont Hotel Winnipeg
The Fairmont Hotel Winnipeg
three book covers with the title'hero of the tundra series by laurie wood
Feature Friday: Heroes of the Tundra Series
Feature Friday: Heroes of the Tundra Series
a man standing on top of a snow covered mountain next to a sign that reads, lukes tunnel a wooden single father of a special needs todder
Northern Deception (Heroes of the Tundra Book 1)
Reunions can be deadly
there is a red and orange sign that says sidebar saturday's on it
Home - Sidebar Saturdays
Sidebar Saturdays
a person standing in front of a house
Visiting Churchill, Manitoba in Summer - Kirsten Alana
Churchill is known as “The Polar Bear Capital of the World,” so it is no surprise that viewing polar bears is first on the mind for most visitors to this northern Manitoba town in Canada. But on my recent visit I found out that’s not the only reason you should add a summer visit to your bucket list | Kirsten Alana | Churchill, Manitoba | Beluga Whales | #ExploreMB #ExploreCanada
a wooden boat tours sign sitting in front of a log cabin with stairs leading up to it
Lazy Bear Expeditions | Churchill Polar Bear Tours | 204-663-9377
Lazy Bear Lodge Polar Bear Tours and Adventures in Churchill Manitoba.
the train is pulling into the station in the snow
Travel Manitoba, Canada: Start Planning Your Trip
Train to Churchill, Manitoba | Polar Bear Capital of the World | #ExploreMB #ExploreCanada
a polar bear walking across a field with the words 20 polar bear photos that will inspire and amaze
17 polar bear photos that will inspire and amaze you | Travel Manitoba
Churchill (known as the Polar Bear Capital of the World) has become a major tourism destination, where wildlife enthusiasts and photographers can view polar bears from huge tundra vehicles or even by foot. Follow along as we count down 20 of the best photos taken in this special region of the world... | Polar Bears | Churchill Manitoba | Polar Bear Photography | #ExploreMB #ExploreCanada
a polar bear is walking in the snow
How to See Polar Bears in Churchill: A Polar Bear Tour for Your Bucket List
Going to see polar bears in Churchill has been on my bucket list for years, and I finally made it happen in 2018. The experience blew my expectations out of the water, and it's absolutely something you should add to your bucket list | Churchill, Manitoba | Wild Polar Bears | Frontiers North | #ExploreMB #ExploreCanada
the aurora bore is lit up in the night sky over a small structure with snow on it
Discover New Experiences in Manitoba | #ExploreMB | Travel Manitoba
RAW:churchill pop-up restaurant is a long A-frame-shaped structure designed by local architect Joe Kalturnyk, and its unique transparent roof allows diners an even more magical experience should the northern lights decide to make an appearance. Churchill, ideally located under the aurora oval, boasts Aurora Borealis activity over 300 days per year | Culinary Experiences | Northern Lights | Travel Manitoba Blog | Winter Bucket List | #ExploreMB ExploreCanada
a stone bench sitting in the middle of snow covered ground with blue sky behind it
Travel Manitoba, Canada: Start Planning Your Trip
Inuksuk in Churchill, Manitoba | #ExploreMB #ExploreCanada
the sun is shining through the trees in the snow
Your next vacation is at a research station in the wilds of Manitoba's subarctic | Travel Manitoba
Winter is beautiful in Churchill, Manitoba | Winter Wonderland | #ExploreMB #ExploreCanada
a white owl sitting on top of a large rock
CHURCHILL Photos- Polar Bears, Snowy Owls & Other Tundra Wildlife
two polar bears climbing up the side of a truck
Bucket List: Seeing Polar Bears in Churchill Manitoba - Canada
In the small town of Churchill, Manitoba, you can get an up-close look at polar bears.
an aerial view of a castle in the middle of a grassy area near the ocean
Prince of Wales Fort in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
The Prince of Wales Fort is a historic fort on Hudson Bay across the Churchill River from Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. The European history of this area star... Get more information about the Prince of Wales Fort on #attraction #Canada #landmark #travel #destinations #tips #packing #ideas #budget #trips
a person laying in the snow under an aurora light
Where, When and How to See Northern Lights in Churchill, Manitoba | Travel Manitoba
The Churchill Northern Studies Centre provides a more affordable option for those seeking northern lights. Being 30 minutes outside of the town of Churchill, it also provides ideal conditions for viewing the night sky | Explore the World | #ExploreMB #ExploreCanada
rows of snowshoes lined up in the snow
Your next vacation is at a research station in the wilds of Manitoba's subarctic | Travel Manitoba
Snowshoes at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre | Manitoba Winter | Travel Manitoba | Northern Adventures | Canadian Travel | #ExploreMB #ExploreCanada #ChurchillManitoba
a bus is parked in the snow under an aurora bore
Northern Lights | Churchill Manitoba Canada
Watching the northern lights from a tundra vehicle in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
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an iceberg floating on top of rocks near the ocean
Flora | Churchill Manitoba Canada
Iceberg along the Hudson Bay coastline in Churchill, Manitoba.
two polar bears playing in front of a bus
an aerial view of a small town by the water's edge, with houses and buildings in the background
Churchill Manitoba Profile
polar bear express truck parked in the snow with several polar bears around it and an advertisement that reads polar bear express
Great White Bear Tundra Lodge
Sleep in a rolling lodge built for studying polar bears!
a large white building with a sign on it's side that says polar bear holiday
There is a polar bear jail in Churchill, Manitoba. < not quite a jail, but yes, it holds polar bears that wander into town etc.
an aerial view of a castle in the middle of nowhere
Some Of The Best Ways To Explore Churchill - Manitoba, Canada
a building with snow on the ground and a sign that says churchhill in front of it
Churchill Polar Bear Trip | Polar Bear Tours
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
a polar bear standing on its hind legs looking out the window
Checking out the locals
Getting up close and personal with the polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
a school bus driving down a road with a large animal on it's back
Polar Bear Bus Churchill Manitoba - Photo & Travel Idea Canada
Churchill, Manitoba