Restorative Yoga

7 Pins
a woman doing yoga poses for nourishment with the instructions on how to do it
Nourishing Restorative Yoga Sequence 🤍
A nourishing restorative yoga sequence featuring gentle twists and grounding poses to find your calm center
a woman doing yoga poses for grounding
Grounding Restorative Yoga Sequence
a woman doing yoga poses with the words restorative yoga sequence on her chest
Minimalist Restorative Yoga Sequence
How to teach restorative yoga when you have very few yoga props to work with!
the benefits of restorative yoga for your body and mind info poster with instructions on how to use it
Deluxe Restorative Yoga Sequence
My favourite sequence using TWO bolsters and plenty of restorative yoga props
a woman doing yoga poses for lower body release
Restorative Yoga for Lower Body Release
A restful reset for tired hips and legs
a woman doing yoga poses for heart health
A Heart Healing Restorative Yoga Sequence
the restorative yoga for gritf poster is shown in blue, green and white
Restorative Yoga for Grief and Loss | Ambuja Yoga