Majestic 3-D Landscapes Lesson Plan - Crayola OFFICIAL Site - good for introducing back ground, middle and foreground as a concept,

Majestic Landscapes Lesson Plan - Crayola OFFICIAL Site love the idea of making about art (foreground, middle ground, background) and history of the town you live in

Natural resources anchor chart

By making an anchor chart of natural resources, students can see the words and the pictures. This will allow them to make their own representation of what the word represents, and give them some creativity.

Interactive Social Studies Notebook Kit - FREE - these look really fun!

FREE The printables in this sample are perfect for the "Reflection" side of your students' Social Studies Interactive Notebooks. They are very easy to use with any lesson, most grade levels or topic. From Brain Wrinkles FREE

Landforms building, writing, and map making project. These were wonderful examples of our learning for parent/teacher conferences and open house!

Learning About Landforms

GR 3 - Learning About Landforms: We incorporated map skills, post card writing, and creative personal narratives about our islands during our landforms unit!

Give your students a way to learn about Alberta's Geographical Regions in these fun an engaging activities. They are designed for maximum engagement for students and minimal work for teachers.

Alberta Regions Research Projects

Regionalism in canada essay topics Topics in this paper. Essays Related to Regionalism in Canada. Many Canadian's know nothing about the Northern region of Canada.