pain ~ listen to it.

Pain doesn't just show up in our lives for no reason. It's a sign that something in our lives needs to change. A lot of things need to change in my life then.

Anger is the bodyguard for sad :)

Anger is referred to as a “secondary emotion” because we tend to use anger to cover up other vulnerable feelings. This is such a good reminder for the next time you feel angry at your partner, as a parent, or for when your kid acts angry.

Self Care.

The self-care wheel. Plenty of options for a having a lifestyle of self care in life and work, for therapists, counselors, and mental health professionals.

Do you know how you feel?  Tuning into your emotions is key for learning what you need to do to help yourself.

How to Use “The Feeling Wheel” In my book I’m a Type A—How the Heck Will I Ever Retire? I stress the importance of Type As being aware of their feelings and emotions as a way to better being able to relax. It is often unaddressed feeling and emotions th


Fits right in with my Artist Statement I just got done writing.