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50+ Arts, Crafts and Activities to do with Kids
a blue sequin notebook with the words dry read use written on it
DIY Mermaid Sensory Writing Tray
This DIY mermaid sensory writing tray is AMAZING!
the process for making rice is shown in three different stages
DIY Rainbow Sensory Box |
DIY rainbow sensory box - this is different than ones I have made in the past!
there are many different toys on the table and one is playing with it's hands
the top 10 angry child sensory hacks for children to use in their homes and classroom activities
Sensory Hacks to Calm an Angry Child
Top 10 Angry Child Sensory Hacks | These are perfect for my calming corner and my sensory tools basket!
two notebooks with blue and pink ink on them, one has a notepad in the middle
Make Your Own Touch Book! |
touch and feel color cards for toddlers to play with
For Kids
the collage of photos shows different activities for children to play with in their homes
6 Sensory Bins for under $30 from the Dollar Store – with tons of other ideas!
construction site play with toys and sand in the background text reads construction site sensory play
Construction Site Sensory Play
Construction Site Sensory Play
two children are playing with soap in a bathtub filled with water and starfish
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Soapy Sea Foam Recipe 1/3 cup water (I’ve read that distilled water yields the best bubbles, but our tap water did just fine) 1/3 cup dish soap 1 tbsp cornstarch A few squirts liquid watercolors in your desired color/colors
a plastic letter fishing game with letters and numbers in the box for children to play
Letter Fishing - A Sensory Alphabet Hunt
This alphabet letter fishing preschool activity is great for toddlers or elementary aged kids. It can be used for sight words, name recognition and single alphabet letters too. Add this preschool letter activity to go with your letter crafts.
there are many different activities to do with the kids
Major Developmental Milestones for Toddlers, Sensorial Bins, and More
Major Developmental Milestones for Toddlers, Sensory Bins, and More
a child's hand on top of a blanket with the text i spy sensory bag
Hands on sight word activity
an alphabet and numbers themed cake in a blue bowl on a table with the letters below it
Alphabet Sensory Bin for Letter Recognition
Alphabet sensory play activity via
a poster with flowers on it that says what is the orton - gillingham approach?
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What is the Orton-Gillingham Approach? Multi-sensory approach for teaching reading and spelling to children with Dyslexia - For more information, see: