I would have each student make their own passport and when they mastered knowing content about a specific country or area I would give them a stamp.

fun for classroom geography - around the world in 80 tales. Children to have a passport and fill it in to say where in the world they have been. Stamp for each different country.

Olympic medal chart

Olympic Medal Chart - use countries kids are from in the classroom and track every week

2015 pan am games pictograms - Google Search

A list of all the sports events being competed in at Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games…

Pachi the porcupine introduced as mascot for Toronto Pan Am Games

Pan Am Games: Pachi the Porcupine introduced as mascot

flags, mottos, logos pan am games 2015 - Google Search

flags, mottos, logos pan am games 2015 - Google Search

pan am games athletes - Google Search

The Globe and Mail offers the most authoritative news in Canada, featuring national and international news

toronto 2015 pan am games logo

New logo for 2015 Toronto Pan American Games was released a couple of days ago by event organizers, mostly to a 'ho hum' reaction and some polite applause

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