18 Totally Canadian Things That No Other Country Will Ever Have

18 Totally Canadian Things That No Other Country Will Ever Have. Yep - I wanna move to Canada.

Meant in jest but WE ARE SO PROUD #WEAREWINTER!!!

The 15 most unapologetic Canadian responses to the men’s 2014 Olympic hockey win over Team USA

Beaver vs. Polar Bear as Canada's National Symbol | graphic by by Steve Murray, National Post | read more here http://www2.macleans.ca/2011/11/04/beaver-be-dammed/ - Obviously this chart's just for laughs; the actual reason for the beaver's being our national animal is the significant role that the trade in beaver fur had in Canada's early economy and history.

Should a Polar Bear Replace the Beaver as Canada’s National Emblem?


Patrick has nothing to apologise for. He deserves a pat on the back from Canada.


Sochi Olympic Men's Moguls- Canada Gold - Alex Bilodeau of Canada celebrates his gold medal in men's moguls with his brother Frederic. Alex stole America's hearts when he described his close relationship with his brother who has cerebral palsy.

Canada 3 USA 2 GO CANADA GO!

Canadian women’s hockey team defeats USA 3-2

Canada's silver medalist Kelsey Serwa, left to right, and gold medalist Marielle Thompson celebrate their win following the Ladies Ski Cross...

Canada wins gold, silver in women’s ski cross at Sochi Olympics

Marielle Thompson and Kelsey Serwa win Gold and Silver in women's ski cross