One Minute's Silence. Poppy artwork. I like the choice of the subdued black background. It goes well with the story.

Teach your students about what the happened during the Battle of Gallipoli in 1915 with the book "One Minute's Silence" and these teac.

ww1 art ideas ks2 - Google Search

involvement in World War I and post-World War I America. Students will be provided information about the significant of the poppy and they will create a poppy collage and write a journal entry about the poppies.

make poppies with watercolors + coffee filters

Memorial Day project: DIY Painted Poppy Art – Kids Summer Flower Crafts – DIY Painting for Kids

Lawrence Pennington - 'Nyuman' - Outstation Gallery - Aboriginal Art from Art Centres

Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 90 cm. The Spinifex Arts Project - Tjuntjuntjara - Western Desert

using the smart board to brainstorm and arrange a landscape

Splats, Scraps and Glue Blobs: Grade - teaching background/middleground/foreground