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two fed ex semi trucks parked in front of a storage building with blue grace logo on the side
FedEx Freight testing last-mile delivery service; Dallas is pilot location
Soon appearing in a subdivision near you? (Photo: Shutterstock)
an aerial view of shipping containers at a port
BlueCargo optimizes stacks of containers for maximum efficiency | TechCrunch
a man is standing in front of stacks of boxes and pallets with his hands on his hips
This Startup is the Airbnb of Warehouses and Has Amazon in Its Sights
Flexe finds spare warehouse space for e-commerce merchants, including mattress seller Casper, and is set to offer overnight delivery all over the U.S.
a man walking across a warehouse floor next to a metal box in the middle of the floor
Robots in warehouses: Job killers or indispensable?
Warehousing Tech
the shelves are filled with many different types of boxes
6 Important Inventory KPIs That Can Make or Break Your Warehouse
Key performance indicators (KPIs) help identify and define progress towards defined business goals. Although KPIs vary across businesses and industries, they are vital to the success of an organizati…