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I added cacao paste and cacao butter too :) plus some extra almond flour because of the extra) (I ground my soaked and dehydrated almonds) Oh and u used coconut nectar not and date paste as the sweetener.

Need an afternoon "pick-me-up" without over-indulging? These little Powerballs are full of good for you ingredients like dates, macadamia nuts, coconut, and cocoa! All these yummy foods rolled into one perfect bite. Great for a post-workout snack.

Eoin Macken.  Who am I to argue if that's how he wants to wear his suit?  Maybe it's an Irish thing.  (Mental note: I need to go to there).

Eoin Macken (Gwain from Merlin) The last two are screencaps that I took of him in Merlin because these were clearly Very Important To The Plot.

Great image from Star Wars Collections

The guy from trainspotting and the guy from guy is an awesome actor who gave a great performance as a Jedi Master in the prequel, the other single handily (see what i did there) KILLED THE ENTIRE FRANCHISE

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