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an image of a gray scarf on a white background with the words fix you above it
Fix You
Mongolian cashmere wrap included alongside other restorative options.
a black and white photo with the words against the wind hanging from a pine tree
Against the Wind
black and white photograph of woman sitting on couch with blanket over her head looking out window
I Love You Like xoxo
an assortment of accessories including gloves, scarves and necklaces on a white background
Fix You
All of our gift boxes have song names selected to identify with a feeling for each box. "Fix you" lyrics touch on helping someone in their time of need. This stunning gift box has been curated as a nurturing and healing gesture for those deserving some extra special consideration and care. Check out our site for a breakdown of each item included.
a stuffed bear sitting on top of a white table next to other items that include tags and magnets
Whole Lotta Love
several small dogs and cats in a box with the caption'everglow '
Everglow-Pet Condolence
The loss of a pet's unconditional love and connection leaves a void not only in one's heart but in daily routine. Recovering from pet loss, as in all forms of grief requires support and recognition. Our 3-wick 20oz candle is a thoughtful gesture to acknowledge this painful loss and provide a thoughtful way to remember a beloved pet.
a white candle with the words shine on it
Shine on
an open book sitting on top of a table next to a small figurine
Against The Wind
A condolence gift providing remembrance for a loved one with the soft ring of a chime, forget me not seeds for hope and renewal and a sincere book to find solace whenever all seems to heavy to hold.
a white vase sitting on top of a table
Every Breath You Take
A relaxing gift promoting restoration and rest. Ensuring moments are taken to let go, decompress and reflect.
a white teddy bear sitting in a box with some books on the bottom and an envelope
Whole Lotta Love
Often times overlooked and misunderstood, children express their grief differently than adults. These items have been chosen to reassure, assist and comfort with the hope feelings can be expressed and shared. Check our website to see meaning behind each item.
a glass and brass geometric object on a white background with the words little living below it
Little Wing
A custom designed Canadian made glass bird feeder, part of our “Little Wing” gift box. A meaningful gift for the quiet moments to take the outside in. #leolamgifts #bereavementgifts #curatedgifts #sympathygift #thoughtfulgifts #mindfulgifts #whattodo #curatedgiftbox #gifting #artofgiving #artofcondolence #canadianmade
a white candle sitting on top of a wooden table next to a pillow and blanket
Shine On
This beautiful candle is a thoughtful and supportive gift to let them know you’re thinking of them and acknowledging their loss. It also serves as a touching gesture on an anniversary date. #leolamgifts, #bereavementgifts, #curatedgifts, #condolencegifts, #thoughtfulgifts, #whattodo, #whattotgive, #sympathygifts, #mindfulgifting, #curatedgiftbox, #gifting, #artofgifting, #artofcondolence, #comfort, #remembrance, #remembering #griefsupport, #candles
a gray and black leopard print scarf with tassels on the bottom, next to an image of a white heart
I Love You Like XO
I love you like xoxo” gift box. A cozy warm reversible throw blanket is a comforting gift to let someone know they are in your thoughts. In addition, our marble heart as a reminder of the care and thought being given. #leolamgifts, #bereavementgifts, #curatedgifts, #condolencegifts, #thoughtfulgifts, #whattodo, #whattotgive, #sympathygifts, #mindfulgifting, #curatedgiftbox, #gifting, #artofgifting, #artofcondence, #betterthanflowers #xoxo #console #gift #consolemindfully
Little Wing