provincial flower of alberta - Wild rose

Alberta Wild Rose (Rosa acicularis) Alberta school children chose the pink, prickly wild rose as Alberta’s flower in It grows across Canada from Quebec to British Columbia

nunavut provincial flower....- Purple saxifrage

Nunavut’s purple saxifrage grows well in cool weather. It is a small, bright-purple flower that grows like a mat over rocks and gravel. It can be found growing all over Nunavut, which is why the territory chose it as its floral emblem in

Provincial flower of Prince Edward Island  - Lady slipper

The Pink Lady’s Slipper (Cypripedium acaule) is an orchid native to eastern North America.

Quebec provincial flower - Blue flag iris

plants - Quebec's national flower just might be the prettiest IMO The Blue Flag Iris

Yukon provincial flower - Fireweed

Yukon provincial flower - Fireweed

provincial flower of north west territory... - Mountain avens

The Northwest Territories selected the mountain avens as its Provincial flower in This short, white flower with small leaves can grow .

provincial flower of sask - Western red lily

provincial flower of sask - Western red lily

provincial flower of ontario - White trillium

Garden Calendar: It's Time To Plant Ephemerals

Newfoundlands pitcher plant

About Newfoundland and Labrador - Floral Emblem - Pitcher Plant