Maine ~ How to Draw a Lighthouse

How to Draw a Lighthouse

lighthouse drawing lesson for The Little Red Lighthouse and The Big Gray Bridge

Hide and Sneak by Michael Kusugak - connection to Alberta Grade 2 Social Studies (Arctic)

Hide and Sneak - On the great tundra plains of Nunavut, there is a creature that just loves to play hide and seek. The only problem with this creature is, if it helps you hide, no one will ever find you again. Well, Allashua loves to play hide and seek…

Two Minutes Of Canada.  This Video Will Put A Smile On Your Face.

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

The makers of this video asked Canadians to share clips of their best travel experiences.

Life after Deportation-A tale of Acadia - YouTube

Hey Guys, it's Aqua. I had to do this for a school project and that is why I didnt upload on Friday and Saturday.