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a woman riding a skateboard down a street while wearing a bandana on her head
“Superwoman” Jill Mills – Former World’s Strongest Woman – The Strongman Chronicles
Jill Mills
a skeleton statue holding a basketball ball in its right hand and his left arm up
"Transi de René de Chalon" by Ligier Richier
the skeleton of a human is shown in front of a black background with no image
Evinis 5.4 ft Halloween Poseable Skeleton, Life Size Skeleton Full Body Plastic Human Bones
an image of a human skeleton with muscles highlighted
an old man's hands reaching up into the air to catch something with his fingers
Kiki Smith - Interview Magazine
Kiki Smith - Interview Magazine
an image of some kind of character in different colors and sizes, with text that reads trunk muscle structure
肌肉结构练习, tenten云画画