Canadians’ Secret

Never not re pin. Hilarious what happens to Canadian on Canada day humor funny picture. I'm dying.


I love in Canada, and funny thing. I don't have maple syrup in my house.

Canada>>>Oregon>>Sydney>>California>>Wisconsin>>Back to Canada>>back to Wisconsin>>plain ole washington:)>> Canada again>> Melbourne, Australia>>Canada third time>>New York<--- Peru<<< peru again>>>>>Russia>>>>>Alabama>>>michigan!!! Mittens hehehe XD>>>>Spain!! :D >>>>England xD>>>>>Oklahoma<(0u0<)>>>>>South Africa>>>>>>TEXAS>>>>>California again<<<<>>>>>Germany c:>>>>>>Texas>>>>>>Missouri ;)>>>>>>>canada again :)

Canada>>Oregon>>Sydney>>California>>Wisconsin>Canada>>Wisconsin>plain ole washington:)>> Canada>> Melbourne, Australia>>Canada>>New York>>Peru>>Peru>>Russia>>Alabama>>michigan>>Wisconsin>>New Hampshire>> North Carolina>>OHIO>New Jersey>>Indiana>>Virginia

Why thank you

Tumblr on Canada.

Hailin from Canada eh! Smelling maple syrup is so much better than whatever the hell American money smells like. smells like a dead camel in the hot arabian sun

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can we go back to the deep fried freedom? because that sounds delicious>>> Canada wins

Canadian Eh?

However, I believe Jewish boys from Eastern Europe created Superman<<no they created Captain America. Canada also invented Baseball

Oh gosh... I was like ohhh it's american!! There's gonna be so much sugar!!! Nope, just cold tea... I was so f$&@# disapointed xD

I love American iced tea. I have a major problem with Canadian iced tea. All of these are so accurate

Alberta winters

Living in Michigan

Circle of winter. Just finished shoveling the driveway. Better go shovel the driveway.

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If you don't like the weather in Idaho, wait 5 minutes, it'll change.

Easy to maintain, Native #Plants in #Alberta for Your Yard. By Rob Sproule, Salisbury Greenhouse

Easy to maintain, Native in for Your Yard. By Rob Sproule, Salisbury Greenhouse - Fresh Yard Ideas