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Domaine Gélinas Distillery | Craft Gins
four boxes with different designs on them sitting in the middle of a white table top
Dark Side of Typography
three books sitting on top of a white shelf next to each other with plants growing out of them
Love Tea – Visual Journal
two boxes with plants on them sitting next to each other in the dark, one is white and the other is black
Modesta Cassinello Cosmetics
four books are stacked on top of each other in front of a white background with black and white designs
Organic Elements
some rocks and a tube of lotion on a table
Tone brightening_Cleansing Gel Foam
five bottles of essential oils lined up on a table
Gracious Minds skincare
two black business cards sitting on top of each other
Design studio Burrow constantly rebuilds itself according to the brief, and the designers’ needs
The Zurich and Berlin-based design studio discusses its latest projects including two exhibition identities with custom designed typefaces and a multilingual publication in English, Arabic, Hebrew and German.
five different types of soaps lined up in a row on a white table top
Evermore London - Candles, Soap Bars and Home Fragrance