Professional Celebrations

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there is a display case with many different items on it
Custom Donut Wall
An out of this world donut wall 🌌
some pink donuts are in a box with the words do something great written on them
A Sweet Reminder
Let your loved ones know your thinking of them ✨💖
the word doughnut spelled out with sprinkles and pink frosting on a pink background
Branded Dessert Photoshoot
We're ❤️ IRL Events We love working with brands to make their next event unique and memorable ✨ ✅ Exclusive Flavours ✅ Branded Glazes & Sprinkles ✅ Logos & Special Characters ✅ Interactive Decorating Pop Up
a box filled with heart shaped cookies on top of a table next to a vase
Professional Celebrations
Our Business Is Celebrations ✨ Stressed out about all those events in the calendar for 2023?🫣 We work with companies, planning their entire year, whether it's employee birthdays, quarterly gatherings, or social events 🎊 We replace stress with sprinkles 🍩
a woman is decorating decorated cookies in the shape of christmas trees and letters on a white box
Christmas Party Dessert
December 1st is our favorite 1st day of the month 😍🎄🎁
decorated cookies are arranged in the shape of letters on a white platter with colorful designs
Send donuts this Holiday Season
Receiving a sweet holiday box often results in hearts growing 3 sizes ❤️ Whether it's this years take on Holiday Cards, or part of the big office party, we've got you covered 🍩
a hand holding up a frosted donut with an angry face on it's side
Holiday Themed Donuts
Mondays if they were a Christmas Character 😡
pink donuts with sprinkles that spell out words
Branded Donut Photoshoot
Doing the classic Sunday prep 🤓 Make sure to order ahead ✅
three yellow smiley faces are in a white box
Donut Emojis
Friday facial expressions - emoji edition 😊😍😃☺️
the word doughnut spelled out with sprinkles and pink frosting on a pink background
Donut Photoshoot
When you get back school photos and you're a proud parent 🤩 We love seeing our donuts used in fun, creative, eye catching photoshoots 📸 PS. You can always order ahead on @ritual_co
there are many doughnuts that have been made to look like the word swervy
Sweet Promotion Party
Literally 🍩 Make sure to celebrate those special work moments 🍾
there are many donuts that have been made to look like letters
Themed Birthday Party Donuts
A Gatsby Party + Donuts = 🤩
christmas cookies and pastries are written in the snow
Holiday Party
It's Nov 1, which means, it's officially HOLIDAY SZN 🎉🎄🎁
decorated cookies in the shape of letters that spell out the country dogcook world
Event Dessert
Happy Haunting 🎃 ... We had so much fun suppling donuts for @ontariodoggos Haunting Of Doggo Hotel event this past weekend 👻🐶 ... We love the creativity, fun and excitement that comes with big events and parties 😊🍾 (even if it is a little on the scary side 😬)
a table topped with lots of donuts covered in frosting and bats on top of them
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween 🎃