Clean Eating Canada Day Cake I love how they used strawberries to make the canadian flag! Awesome!

Clean Eating Canada Day Cake

Clean Eating Canada Day Cake will help you celebrate this fun and festive holiday! Brought to you by cookbook author, Tiffany McCauley.

No reason, I just think these are so cute!Beaver Chocolate Cupcakes

Beaver Cupcakes- Perfect for Canada day!I hate Canada Day.(I have my reasons)

Peppermint Twist Cupcakes

Peppermint Twist Cupcakes - Creating two-tone swirls without the colors blending has always been a decorating dilemma. Using the three-bag decorating technique will give you stunning swirls.

Beaver Cupcakes.. I'll have to remember these on Nov. 11!

What do Canadians like more then beavers and maple syrup. Beaver cupcakes is the answer. Make these beaver cupcakes for Canada day or for any other holiday that you feel would need a beaver cupcake.

Canada Day White Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

White Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Cheer on Team Canada: Strawberries dipped in white chocolate make for a sweet way to display our national colours.