Luke Gagnon

Luke Gagnon

Luke Gagnon
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One minute ice cream

One minute ice cream - Frozen berries, Greek yogurt and honey all in a blender. The ratio is exact amounts of frozen berries to Greek yogurt,and a little honey to sweeten. Purée in blender and eat immediately or after a few minutes in freezer.

Easy Slow Cooker "Naked" Apple Butter.

Slow Cooker Naked Apple Butter - Dee sez how can I not pin a recipe with word naked in it. LOL That spoon is just begging to be licked, too.

Berry Beet Ginger Smoothie

Refreshing & Healthy for You Healthy, refreshing and delicious smoothie you will love. From its taste to deep color and all the other delicious things in

Beef Stew

Crockpot Bountiful Beef Stew will warm you up on a cool day and is so easy to cook in the crockpot and ready when you get home. Crockpot Bountiful Beef Stew is a delicious addition to your crockpot meals.