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a close up of a bird with black, white and blue feathers on it's head
a bird is standing on top of a rock
California Quail
the bird is perched on the ledge outside
Inspiring Photo: Curious Quail #14498496
two quails are perched on the top of a wooden fence, facing opposite directions
Going Steady
two birds standing next to each other on a log
Step by step images demonstrating a how to draw a quail - A Drawing Lesson for Beginners! Ideas, Drawing Lessons, Learn To Draw, Drawing For Kids, Bird Drawing For Kids, Step By Step Drawing, Easy Drawings, Simple Bird Drawing
How to Draw a Quail - Learn to Draw in 6 EASY STEPS!!!
a close up of a bird on the ground near some grass and bushes in the background
a close up of a bird in a field
Gamble Quail
a close up of a bird on a log
California Quail :