Picture of Hudson Bay Inukshuk Landmark Manitoba

The sun begins to set on an inukshuk situated on the shores of Hudson Bay in the town of Churchill, Manitoba. The inukshuk is a stone landmark traditionally used by northern aboriginal peoples to mark a route through the tundra of the arctic.

*DIY Inukshuk centerpiece

Canada Inukshuk centerpiece from river rocks -a perfect Canada Day decoration or gargen decoration via Style at Home


I have always built one of these at every place I have lived. I& looking for the right rocks to build one in my new yard this year.

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Giant green (or is it Green Giant) inukshuk - Montreal

Floral Inukshuk at Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal 2003

another Inukshuk

The Inupiat in northern Alaska used inuksuit to assist in the herding of caribou into contained areas for slaughter.

Inukshuk Desk Object

Rocks painted with magnetic paint. you can make these and they are fun gifts. The person at the office can stack the stones when nervous or thinking deeply.Zen and useful. I think I'll do this for hubbies office


the inukshuk is a very Canadian symbol, the Canadian Rocks company makes a beautiful diamond inukshuk to wear around your neck in support of your country

Photo of Northern Lights, Aurora borealis, above an inukshuk in the town of Churchill with a moon above Hudson Bay, Manitoba.

Aurora Borealis Light Show Churchill Manitoba - Photo & Travel Idea Canada

Original Text Message – the Inukshuk and Inunnguaq

The original text message? The Inuit Inukshuk, the symbol of the 2010 Winter Olympics.