| learn to fly | Another self-portrait taken while I was traveling through south america. 500px / Facebook /Instagram Follow me on Snapchat: lichon.j | Dolina Pięciu Stawów | 500px / Facebook /Instagram Follow me on Snapchat: lichon.j | Cry | Looking through older photographs on my computer. Anxious for spring to come. 500px / Facebook /Instagram | Home | I love calling the Okanagan valley my home. Swimming in the warm Okanagan lake in the summer, frolicking in fields of flowers in the spring, champagne power to shred in the winter, hiking all year throughout the valley with killer views, drinking too much on wine tours, and sharing these momoents with my family and friends. These are some of the things that make me love the Okanagan valley! ______________________ The okanagan flood of 2017 is pretty nuts… | Integrity | words and action builds trust | Importance | lost 2014.2015 | Last year, new year. Facebook Instagram