"Carnaval de Québec" attracts more then 500,000 visitors from virtually every corner of the Earth. From snow sculpting competitions pitting well-known artists from countries like Sweden, Peru, and Tunisia, to high-speed snow-tubing races down carved alleys of ice, to a stunning castle constructed entirely of ice, the festival has an Olympic feel to it

Québec's Answer to Beach-Break Vacation

Québec Winter Carnival - Carnaval de Québec

Quebec Winter Carnival This was soooo much fun and I even lost weight while eating all the rich and yummy foods because you spend all day in the cold trudging in heavy snow gear. Quebec City is just magical at this time of year.

Trip To Quebec City's Winter Carnival--Almost France

Trip To Quebec City's Winter Carnival--Almost France

Head to Quebec City's Winter Carnival which takes place January 15 and visit the event and the Ice Hotel.